April 15, 2011

Message from our President

By Chris Jones
Director General, Wales North American Business Chamber 

The WNABC was founded over a decade ago. We function as the private sector support system for North American companies operating in Wales and for Welsh companies seeking to expand into North American markets. We have continued to grow and develop, which is just as well because, in these problematic economic times, the work of a Chamber like ours seems to be counter-cyclical — there’s more demand for pooled information, more need for networking, than ever before. 

 As a result, we continue to expand our main web site. The aim is, of course, to be of service not only to large and well-established companies but also to small and medium-sized enterprises, in which case we offer a very low cost introduction to the universe of actors involved in our part of the transatlantic business flow.   

 After Europe, North America remains the prime target for most Welsh exporters but it’s also a very diverse and complex one, and the Chamber draws on the experience base of its membership to provide advice and support, from the very general to the very specific, on how to do business over here. Likewise, we provide a network of contacts and background for American companies thinking of investing in Wales. 

 In this way we act to complement the substantial North American operations of International Business Wales, the Welsh Government’s own development agency for inward and outward trade and investment. 

 We look forward to meeting and working with you, either virtually or face-to-face.