About Wales

Wales occupies much of the south-western edge of of Great Britain, and is one of four nations that make up the United Kingdom. The population of Wales is approximately 3,015,532. (Extrapolated from a population of 2,900,000 in 2001 and a population of 2,999,300 in 2009.)

South Wales is a 2 hours drive from the London airports. North Wales is less than an hour drive from the Manchester airport.

Cardiff is the capital city with 315,000 inhabitants, containing a strong business base and world-renowned sporting and cultural venues. Other major centres are Newport and Swansea in the south, and Wrexham and Bangor  in the north.

Although integral to the UK, Wales has its own distinctive Celtic culture and language. English is spoken by everyone, while Welsh is also spoken by just over 20% of the population.

Wales is green and hilly in the south, and rugged and mountainous in parts of the north and is noted for the beauty of its landscape. More than a quarter of the country lies within a national park or an area of outstanding natural beauty. It has the UK’s only coastal national park.

Wales has a long and distinguished history of industrial innovation and achievement.

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